Classroom Continuing Education


Our courses are updated before each class ensuring that we present relevant, trendy information along with practical application in a fun and engaging workshop style of classroom. The time flies by! We know agents will leave with knowledge they did not come in the door with and we will learn from them as well. We bring the class to you or schedule it our classroom. See instructions below for sponsoring your next CE class in your training room.


We aren’t just educators – we are practitioners; we care about you and the profession. Your success is our success. Our agent testimonials tell us that teaching through our experience and practical business applications has been most beneficial to the working agent.


ADRE requires a minimum 14-day notice of a class which means we need to coordinate location, date, and start times for the selected class with you and the selected instructor. Click on the ‘schedule’ option next to the class you have selected. A ‘pop-up’ menu will appear listing info needed to begin the process. Once complete, a message will be sent to the school. We will begin coordinating with the instructor, schedule with ADRE and include you in the communication loop. If you have questions that need an answer before scheduling, please call Marti at 602 363-2960.

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